Create an environment online, similar to the one you have been nurturing offline

KNNKT has realised it is not easy for small businesses to sell their products online. However, we believe with the right tools, the right communities and the right network you can create the same environment online as you have offline.

That's why we make use of Shopstar to set up marketplaces for creative entrepreneurs.

Don't want your products to get lost in one of the massive online marketplaces? Create your own and start earning a commission over the sale of endorsed products on your marketplace - without having to worry about logistics and stock control.

Marketplaces are an excellent way to create exposure and distribution channels for smaller brands. Similar to the markets you sell on. You will be in full control as you curate the various brands/products you want on your marketplace.

Kamers Online Marketplace was the first we developed together with the client. Within a month of setting up, more than 30 stores applied and were accepted into the online market of Kamers.

KNNKT will help you get started

  • Domain registration if required
  • Email setup – if required
  • Financial plan template based on current numbers we have and an assumption model. This helps to set targets based on your own assumptions
  • Marketplace set-up. This does not include graphic elements such as banners and other visuals. We could however outsource this item to a graphic designer or in-house resources
  • Google Analytics setup to track all transactions and to generate reports
  • A Pitch deck to present to brands
  • Workshops to help with shop setups. If a shop would like to pay for a setup we have a network of freelancers we work with and can also do the project management
  • Supporting shops and freelancers with shop setups
  • Social Media and Newsletter setup for the marketplace
  • Writing of first content posts and setting up content schedules for newsletters and social media
  • Bi-weekly feedback meetings

Contact us for additional information and our costs.

How to get started

Wish to get started but don't know how. Read our short guide on how to get going and what is required to set up a shop/marketplace.
Contact us if you would like find out more about this exciting concept.